B-hyve Pro Technician (BHP101)
B-hyve Pro
B-hyve Pro Technician (BHP101)
From this course you will learn details on using the B-hyve Pro App. Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded a certificate and Hydro-Rain will send you an email link to a selection of gear (hoodie, mugs, t-shirt, hat) -...
B-hyve Pro Smart Watering Specialist (BHP201)
B-hyve Pro
B-hyve Pro Smart Watering Specialist (BHP201)
Learn about smart watering and what separates a truly smart controller from a remotely managed controller
B-hyve Pro Smart Watering Expert (BHP301)
B-hyve Pro
B-hyve Pro Smart Watering Expert (BHP301)
Learn about the variables used in the B-hyve Pro algorithm and how they affect water scheduling. Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded a certificate and Hydro-Rain will send you an email link to a selection of gear...
Contractor Advantage (CA-101)
Contractor Rewards
Contractor Advantage (CA-101)
The Contractor Advantage program is designed for top landscaping and irrigation professionals. As a participating contractor, you’ll receive training, resources, and special benefits to help you grow your business.
Premier Level Contractor (CA-201)
Contractor Rewards
Premier Level Contractor (CA-201)
Premier Level Contractors are the best in the business. They know the industry, treat their customers right, and save time and money with Hydro-Rain's Built for Speed products. As a Premier Level Contractor, you'll receive 5 points—instead of...
HRC 400 Controller Technician (HRC400-101)
Sprinkler Controllers
HRC 400 Controller Technician (HRC400-101)
This course teaches Landscape Sprinkler Technicians all about the HRC 400 Wi-fi Smart controller by Hydro-Rain. From unboxing to programming at the face plate or via the B-hyve Pro™ Application this course is taught to you by a Hydro-Rain...
Commercial Spray Body Technician (HRS200)
Spray Heads and Nozzles
Commercial Spray Body Technician (HRS200)
Completely redesigned for 2020 the Hydro-Rain 200 series spray heads are the new standard. Designed in Utah, the Hydro-Rain HRS 200 series spray head delivers consistent performance, season after season, in commercial and residential...
HRX 075 Technician (HRX075-001)
HRX 075 Technician (HRX075-001)
Take a minute to relax and learn more about the HRX 075 rotor. This course provides general knowledge and you will not be tested on it (yet).
PVC-Lock Technician (PVCL-101)
Push Fittings
PVC-Lock Technician (PVCL-101)
The PVC-Lock Technician course will give you a basic knowledge of PVC-Lock fittings. The videos within this course show use case scenarios, testing standards, and provide a general product knowledge. You must watch half of the videos and...
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Push Fittings
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